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Access Equipment Corp is not the manufacturer. We are a dealer for Zenith tables and used Zenith tables. We do not own nor do we manufacture Zenith tables.

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Zenith Chiropractic Tables

Zenith tables are manufactured to order at Williams Healthcare Systems, just outside Chicago, USA. The wide range of Zenith Tables includes Zenith Portable Tables, Zenith Stationary Tables, Zenith Hylo (Tilt) Tables, and Zenith Verti-lift (Tilt and Elevation) Tables. The different models compliment many Chiropractic techniques including Thompson, Gonstead, Diversified, Flexion-Distraction – the Thompson Terminal Point range is the original developed with the help of J. Clay Thompson.

All New Zenith Tables are custom built to your specs. Build time on Zenith tables varies between 6-to 10 weeks Depending on the type  of Zenith table ordered.

Zenith Chiropractic Table History

Zenith Chiropractic Tables have evolved over the years with chiropractic.The first Zenith Chiropractic Table was the Zenith Spring load table,it used large springs to lift the patient.The Zenith Chiropractic Table used a shift system similar to a cars gear shift to pickup springs to lift more weight.The tables worked much like a catapult, maybe too much in some cases.Many times in the first models the children in the room would accidentally step on the releasing launching the parent into the wall,doorway or window. Because of this defect ,This table has been outlawed for use in today's chiropractic office. Malpractice insurance also does not cover any Zenith spring load Chiropractic Tables, unless they have been converted or locked down permanently.The next generation of the Zenith Chiropractic Tables was the worm gear. This Zenith Chiropractic Table used a long screw drive and a leather brake to keep the table in the upright position.It was also the first of the electric motor lift tables for the Zenith Chiropractic Tables.This table also was not a very safe table because he worm gear on the Zenith Chiropractic Table was left open and clothing could easily be tangled into the table.The are still many a worm gear driven tables in use in chiropractic office today. Zenith Parts are NOT available for these models any more.The internal leather brake on this Zenith Chiropractic Table once wore down will allow to table to fall back to the lowered position.This Zenith Chiropractic Table is not a good investment unless you are looking for a cheap but very heavy stationary table.The Next age of the Zenith Chiropractic Tables was the electric motor and hydraulic pump driven tables.This version of chiropractic table has been tried and is still very similar to today's Zenith Chiropractic Tables.The first version used a porcelain base like a old bath tub,these bases were very expensive to produce as in the porcelain process. Zenith Chiropractic Tables soon went to a painted white base with chrome upper tube to reduce the cost of MFG process.The first economy line Zenith Chiropractic Tables were the gray base and gray painted tube models.

Zenith Table Models

Zenith 210 Table - No Drops but pelvic drop was an option

Zenith 220 Table- Had cervical and pelvic drop

Zenith 320 Table - Has all manual drops - Dorsal and Lumbar are foot cocking

Zenith 420 Table - Has all air drops except cervical - Cervical is a manual drop

Zenith 440 - Has all air drops including cervical drop